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A Complete, Personalized Weather Service for
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Reach viewers throughout the day
With Live Online, your viewers will have easy, one-click access to your online news, weather, and programming information at any time from the convenience of their desktops. Be the station viewers turn to first: on-air and online.

It’s your brand—your ratings
Live Online gives your brand the focus. All links from the desktop application go to your web site and there’s ample space to promote your broadcast, including nightly newscasts and primetime programming.

Alert viewers away from their televisions
From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. your viewers can be reached four times more easily via the Internet than television. (Nielsen Media Research 2004; Nielsen//NetRatings 2004) Alert those viewers not watching television of severe weather and lead them to information available on your web site or what time a special report will air. Stations can easily enter manual alerts through MyWeather’s online interface in addition to automatic severe weather alerts.

Attract sponsors and generate revenue
Live Online lets your sponsors cut through the advertising clutter and display ads on your viewer’s desktop, next to vital news and weather information. MyWeather can even assist your station’s sales team to ensure sponsor success.

Customize Live Online to meet your needs
Showcase your existing web site content directly on viewers’ desktops: such as radar, traffic and sports information, or live web cams. Whether you run your own data streams (XML, RSS, etc.) or use an outside source to create your web site, MyWeather works with you to create a custom solution. Leverage MyWeather’s partnership with Rovion to add video personalities to your viewer’s desktop with BlueStream™.


"I know I can always count on pulling my microcast up on the computer and getting a forecast when I can not catch the news! Was able to get the cancellations all winter for road conditions due to having to drive to work over 18 miles one way. Thanks!"
-Nancy Johnson
Sioux City, IA

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