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Create additional revenue from your web traffic and membership base. Join our major online network operators in promoting Premium Weather, and generate significant incremental revenue—this year.

Enhance your brand and lock-in your market
Regardless of the market you serve, your visitors and customers depend on weather information. Make your brand or web property the trusted source for highly personalized, patented, broadcast-quality weather.

Turnkey service gets you into the rapidly growing paid content market immediately
Weather-engaged consumers have made Weather Information the #7 category in the $1.5 billion paid content industry., Yahoo, and others are competing for their share of these rapidly growing dollars by targeting business operations and family, work site, and public safety market segments. Backed by four years of ongoing, independent research and product development by MyWeather, you too can compete in this space right now!

Get started today
If approved, we’ll work with you to custom build a promotional plan so you can efficiently and quickly build your new revenue stream. A shared revenue arrangement means you can get started without a startup fee, risk fee!

MyWeather Patented Technology
The Premium Weather service draws on a patented* process that sends personalized storm alerts when an approaching storm matches an individual’s criteria, including type of storm and address-specific locations. There is no other storm tracking system that can alert your visitors of storms approaching their backyards with this level of personalization.

*"System and Method for Providing Personalized Storm Warnings and the Like."

 U.S. Patent #6,654,689. Issued November 25, 2003.

Premium Weather Features
Personal Storm Sentinel

  • Time-lapse radar and satellite animation of storms approaching a viewer’s personal locations

  • Enhanced navigation allows viewers to easily scroll and zoom around the map to explore regional and national weather from personal locations

  • Alert notification of approaching storms via e-mail or SMS wireless device
FutureCast Maps
  • Animated, television-style animations of forecasted weather

  • National MicroCast model grid delivers precise, accurate forecasts for a subscriber’s home, office or other personal locations

Severe Weather
  • Monitor severe weather alerts around the country as well as local market areas using an interactive national map

  • National Weather Service alerts integrated into maps of personal locations

                                                 ...And more!


"Wow! What a nice service! I walk every morning at 5:00 a.m., which means I get dressed before 5. I used to have to just guess as to what to wear, because I didn't know how cold it was outside, but with your forecast by the hour, I know how many layers I have to put on. No more guesswork! You've made the start to my day even nicer! Thanks!"
-Jan Kolkema
Grand Rapids, MI

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